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Sustainably delivering on your promises

We are committed to run our business sustainably as we believe that it is everybody’s job to embrace sustainability. At Bleckmann, we think about the way we perform our day to day tasks today and how we can get better in order to contribute to a more sustainable world tomorrow.

By working closely with our stakeholders – customers, employees, business partners, communities, investors, and others – we ensure that our effort is relevant, focused and delivers long-term benefits to directly involved parties as well as to end-users, customers of our customers. We simply believe that sustainability is everybody’s business.

In everything we do, we strive for continuous improvements. We always look for ways to do things better and more efficiently. We never stop and even when required results are achieved, we still search for further improvements. We do that jointly with our partners, embracing the three key themes for our sustainability efforts: People, Planet, Profit.

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Our people are at the heart of all what we do. Thanks to our teams and their work, we can serve well our customers and deliver on their promises to end-consumers. We care about health, safety and well-being of our people. We have introduced a number of internal programs and campaigns, including Health & Safety campaigns and training, Bleckmann Challenge (get & stay fit challenges), diversity hiring policy, for example, helping to integrate people with distance to the labour market, partnering with local universities an communities, and other initiatives.


How can we limit our carbon footprintand reduce waste in our operations? These are the questions that we are constantly asking ourselves and we are pro-actively looking for the most suitable solutions in these areas. That help reduce not only our environmental impact but also that of our clients. Numerous programs and initiatives have been introduced across our business, from the use of renewable energy, lower electricity consumption, Lean Six Sigma programs for waste reduction, a waste separation program and recycling, to the use of eco-friendly materials, packaging optimization and more.

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Running sustainable and responsible operations enables us to grow the company and serve our customers long-term. We promote honest business practices and are committed to run our business in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations, applying highest ethical standards. Our Code of Business Conduct together with Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policies, and Anti-Trust and Competition Policy clearly sets the rules that are followed by all our team members.

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