Delivering on your promises since 1862

Our clients’ promises are also our promises. For over 150 years, Bleckmann has always strived to serve its clients the best way possible. That is how we have evolved from once a tranport supplier in a textile industry into a world class logistics partner of choice for many international fashion and lifestyle brands.


We know …

… what it means to start small while having big ambitions and going for them.

… what it takes to meet high expectations of your customers.

… what the fashion and lifestyle logistics are about.

Our vision is…

…to enable sustainable business growth of fashion & lifestyle brands through data-driven supply chain solutions.

Our mission is…

…to deliver on the promises that our clients make to their customers.

The 4 e’s of Bleckmann – Our core values

To be able to achieve our mission and vision we commit to our fundamental beliefs, which are classified as 4 e’s of Bleckmann. They reflect the heritage of our company, our culture, where we are today as well as our ambitions for the future.


  • We are accessible and easy to do business with
  • We get things done
  • We dare to take a calculated risk
  • We continuously challenge ourselves
  • We actively explore opportunities
  • We practice open communication
  • We understand and reflect an ever-changing consumer preferences


  • We build on our long-term experience in the logistics business
  • We fully focus on fashion and lifestyle logistics
  • We are pioneers in managing end-to-end logistics for e-commerce
  • We continuously learn and improve
  • We understand our clients and their customers


  • We partner with our clients and work closely with other parties
  • Our people are in the very center of all what we do
  • We are a good global citizen
  • We are involved in local communities and initiatives


  • We are flexible
  • We continuously improve our operations and processes
  • We believe that by embracing innovation we better serve our clients
  • We constantly look for smarter ways of doing business and use of business intelligence


Bleckmann behoort tot Netlog Logistics Group (Netlog).

Netlog is een end-to-end geïntegreerde supply chain management service provider. Het bedrijf brengt 32 bedrijven en 14 toonaangevende logistieke merken samen. Allen zijn gericht op een specifiek expertisegebied. Met een jaarlijkse omzet van meer dan USD 1 miljard is Netlog gerangschikt als 82e grootste bedrijf in Turkije en wordt ook erkend als een van de snelst groeiende logistieke bedrijven in Europa en de EMEA-regio. Door het gebruik van het uitgebreide netwerk van (lokale) allianties biedt Netlog innovatieve oplossingen in de gehele supply chain cyclus aan meer dan 10.000 wereldwijde en lokale klanten.

Netlog in cijfers:

  • magazijnen in 6 landen op 3 continenten
  • 1,4 miljoen m² (+15 m. vierkante voet) overdekte opslagruimte op 74 locaties
  • meer dan 4.000 eigen vlooteenheden en 15.000 medewerkers