Seamless fulfilment of security agents’ Workwear with use of RFID technology

Customer: Securitas Belgium & Luxembourg


Solutions in place:

  • RFID Technology in secured E-fulfillment solution:
    highly secured e-fulfilment process with RFID technology to track clothing items at all times
  • Integration with internal e-commerce platform of the customer



Customer’s profile:

Securitas Group is a Swedish security organization and one of the largest companies in the world in that area.  In Belgium and Luxemburg alone, they deploy over 6,000 security agents to ensure the safety of buildings and events.  All staff are dressed in the right uniform according to the nature of their assignment, for their own protection and to radiate confidence and safety.


The needs and the challenges

The nature of the security officer profession brings common trust. Workwear must only be available to authorized personnel. Better security with new technology, across the whole  supply chain: while in use / on stock / in repair / etc., that is what Securitas needs.  That means that full visibility and traceability of uniforms must be assured 24/7.

No uniform item may ever disappear from the radar.


“The right work clothing for people with a social mission is of vital importance. This certainly counts in the security sector, where immediate traceability of workwear pieces in end-to-end distribution is crucial.  We cannot risk any uniforms or other items suddenly disappearing from the radar, as that would cause a direct danger to society,” says Carolle Van Dijck, spokesperson at Securitas. “Since proper managing of workwear in the security sector is a matter of an absolute priority, we have partnered with Bleckmann to secure closely monitored logistics management integrated with our own internal hermetic e-commerce platform developed by Duke & Grace,” she adds.


The solution:

After careful analysis of the supply chain process and the security and service levels required, Securitas partnered with Duke & Grace and Bleckmann. Bleckmann has the know how to build an end-to-end Supply Chain solution, that integrates a Staff Webshop and adapts RFID-technology based logistics processes safe enough for security agents.


 Right from the start

Until recently, dressing all those agents was a complicated and tedious process, suffering from time consuming communication and unclear authorization challenges. The solution was ‘simple’.  Securitas introduced an e-commerce platform, accessible to authorized security agents only.  This platform had been developed by Duke & Grace, a business partner of Bleckmann and an expert in webshop solutions.  The online platform allows Securitas to manage all workwear orders centrally.  It is fully integrated with Bleckmann’s logistics solutions.  Today it allows 6,000 security agents in Belgium & Luxembourg to order the right garments with overnight delivery.  It also enables each agent to exchange their workwear, return for recycling (if no longer needed) or return for reconditioning if required.


The theory in practice

When agent Tom places an order, the in-house Securitas platform sends that information to Bleckmann instantly.  Bleckmann ensures that each item of clothing is equipped with an RFID chip (Radio Frequency Identification).  By matching this to the SKU code of the garment, the platform knows exactly which trousers and shirt are sent to agent Koen.

When he returns his old clothes for reconditioning, repair or recycling, the platform receives an automatic update and every item of clothing keeps its history.


The brains and the muscles

For their end-to-end supply chain solution, Securitas teamed up with Bleckmann, the leading provider of logistics solutions for fashion & lifestyle brands.  We combine our know-how in fast, reliable logistics and distribution with innovative technologies such as RFID tracking and textile recycling.


Duke & Grace was asked to put various scenarios together and implement a user-friendly manner into the online platform.  The complex flow of orders, returns and exchanges resulted in a detailed process description with no less than 24 different flows on the platform, all integrated with Bleckmann’s Warehouse Management System.


Additionally, it communicates with the Securitas’ HR platform , which processes the data of all their agents.  For the agents it is their Single Sign-On platform and the ultimate communication tool about orders and returns.


The integration of a queue system ensures that large concurrent requests are spread over time, so that the server does not have to work overtime.  Each garment is tracked and traced by matching the garment- SKU with the unique RFID chip sewn-in.  This way the platform knows exactly which garment will be sent to which agent.  If something turns out to be wrong, it is easily detected.



The result:

The e-com platform with integrated end-to-end logistics is relieves the Securitas management team of a huge amount of work.  Blind spots have disappear and full control over the entire life cycle of the uniforms has been gained.  Moreover, the 6,000 security agents in Belgium and Luxembourg can easily access the webshop via their unique login and manage the necessary workwear orders, returns or swaps.


“Preparations and set up of the solution were relatively complex, as they required not only integration with the client’s e-commerce platform, but also processing the data of all 6,000 authorised security,” comments Peter van Butsel, Director IT at Bleckmann. “With the introduction of the right IT systems we are fully capable of processing all operations in a highly secured IT environment,” he adds.

“By automating and streamlining the entire process with all its different scenarios, Securitas has overview of all units at a glance,” says Koen Vinken, Software Engineer at Duke & Grace.

Agents now shop in complete security, while Securitas fully controls and manages shipping, swapping and recycling from needle to thread.  This is consumerization of enterprise in practice!

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